Bounce House Prices

Are you looking for bounce house prices in Dallas and Collin Counties? Well here it is. Below you will find our complete list of bounce house rental prices, as well as combo prices, water slide rental rates, and more. Please note that we do not sneak in delivery fees like many of our competitors. As long as you are in Northern Dallas County or Collin County, delivery is free. If you are outside of our delivery area, we may have to add a delivery charge or we can recommend another company that is closer too your location.


How does the old saying go? “You get what you pay for?” You can certainly apply that to the party rental industry as well. At Hoot & Danny’s we believe in fair prices and great service. As you can see below all of our bounce house prices are very competitive. What makes it a great deal is all of the extras we offer. Here are just a few:


Advanced Sioto Safety Certification

Always Delivered and Setup by the Owner

New Equipment: Everything is less than 3 years old

Clean, Sanitized, and Attractive

Minimum of 4 hours rental, no unit is rented more than 1 time per day

No Delivery or Setup Fees

No Deposits – these often get held hostage by our competitors in case of rain

No fees for Credit Cards or Checks

And a free High Five with every rental

Bounce HousesPrice 
Animal Farm$125.00Order Online Now
Ballerinas$125.00Order Online Now
Baseball$125.00Order Online Now
Basketball$125.00Order Online Now
Batman$125.00More Information
Birthday$125.00Order Online Now
Cars$125.00More Information
Castle$115.00Order Online Now
Frozen$135.00More Information
Halloween$145.00Order Online Now
It's A Girl Thing$125.00Order Online Now
Jimmy Neutron$125.00Order Online Now
Justice League$125.00More Information
Large Fun House$125.00Order Online Now
Little Mermaid$125.00More Information
Luau$125.00Order Online Now
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse$125.00More Information
Black Ops $115.00Order Online Now
Monster Truck$125.00Order Online Now
Nemo$125.00More Information
Noah's Ark$125.00Order Online Now
Pirates$125.00Order Online Now
Robocars$125.00Order Online Now
Royal Castle$115.00Order Online Now
Sesame Street$125.00More Information
Spiderman$125.00More Information
Sponge Bob$125.00More Information
Sports$125.00Order Online Now
Star Wars$135.00More Information
Transformers$125.00More Information
United We Stand$125.00Order Online Now
XXL Fun House$189.00Order Online Now
Animal Farm$225.00Order Online Now
Ballerinas$225.00Order Online Now
Baseball$225.00Order Online Now
Basketball$225.00Order Online Now
Batman$225.00More Information
Birthday$225.00Order Online Now
Cars$225.00More Information
Frozen$225.00Order Online Now
Halloween$225.00Order Online Now
It's A Girl Thing$225.00Order Online Now
Jimmy Neutron$225.00Order Online Now
4-1 Combo$225.00Order Online Now
Little Mermaid$225.00More Information
Luau$225.00Order Online Now
Monster Truck$225.00Order Online Now
Mystery Machine$225.00More Information
Nemo$225.00Order Online Now
Noah's Ark$225.00More Information
Pirates$225.00Order Online Now
Robocars$225.00Order Online Now
Sesame Street$225.00Order Online Now
Spiderman$225.00More Information
Sponge Bob$225.00More Information
Sports$225.00Order Online Now
Star Wars$225.00More Information
Transformers$225.00More Information
United We Stand$225.00Order Online Now
Double Drop (Wet)$395.00More Information
Tsunami (Wet)$255.00More Information
Monster (Dry)$275.00More Information
Mystery Machine (Wet)$225.00More Information
69' Mega Obstacle$555.00More Information
34' Monster Obstacle$345.00More Information
Snow Cone Maker$75.00More Information
Cotton Candy Maker$95.00More Information
Popcorn Maker$75.00More Information

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